Cost Effective

Marine airbags have some many good characters:

Marine airbags have vast contact area with operated objects. They can offer big lifting force with low pressure which is desperately needed for structure safety.
Marine airbags can roll on land and in water, they can carry objects into water smoothly. Marine airbags can offer big buoyancy in water.

Need Less, Do more

Using airbags to launch or haul out ships doesn’t need concrete slipway ,trolleys, rails, floating docks, it can save 30-50 percent of cost compared with traditional methods.

Using airbags to relocate structure can save 80% time and 50% investment.

Being Flexible

With same airbags people can handle with different vessels, different objects. Can lift, move, turn round, refloat objects.

Being safe

Good planned airbag arrangement have more than 5 times safety coefficient, minimizes accident ratio.

Being fast

To complete a project, using airbags can save much time then the money.

Green technology

No chemical need, no change of natural conditions, using airbag can work in any sites.