Marine airbags

Salvage airbags (buoyancy airbags)

Marine salvage airbags or balloons are used extensively to jack up aground ship or refloat small ships and to stabilize the refloating process when larger ships are being raised—particularly in combined lifting operations. Different from rigid pontoons or inflatable pontoons and lift bags, SALVAGE airbags are versatile and tough.

Marine heavy lifting air bags

Specially designed marine airbags for heavy lift and transport projects with enhanced thick outer layers and cone ends, good abrasion and distortion resistance. Super lifting capacity but low pressure imposing on structure. Six time safety coefficient. Heavier and tougher than normal ship launching airbags. Widely used for LPG,LNG tank lifting, caisson lift and moving, structural relocation projects.

Ship launching airbags

Marine airbags for ship launching, five times safety coefficient, ISO 14409 certificated by CCS. Available maximum airbag diameter 2.5 m, flat length 20 m, reinforcement 10 layers. Patented whole enlacing manufacturing technology makes stronger and safer airbags. Patented cone ends design eliminates hidden dangers. Super long lifespan, more than six years.