Eversafe Marine believes in that innovation in science and technology is impetus for the company to develop. From marine airbag manufacture to applications in different fields, Eversafe Marine never stop his research and innovation progress.

We do precise control

For some ship/structure launching projects, due to width limitation of slipway or length of water area, the launch must be precisely controlled. For some structure relocation projects, the shifting has strict demands of deviation.

Eversafe Marine gets know-how and experience to do precise control. We launched one 300 ft barge from another 300 ft barge deck, it means launching a barge from a floating slipway which has same dimensions of the barge.
We precisely launched one 28 m long 10 m wide pump house into the 34 m long, 12 m wide channel with marine airbags.
Eversafe Marine is also a pioneer in structure relocation field, once relocated one 4000 tonnes structure 100 m far with only 10 cm deviation on the natural ground.

We do smooth projects

When received one project, our experienced team will make a quick plan , then by calculations to confirm the feasibility and safety. For complicated projects, computer simulation will be employed to check each step of operation.

We design plans consider both efficiency and operation convenience. No matter launching or dry docking, appropriate design and equipment is always first choice.

We are flexible

We take measures adapted to local conditions, we know what can be compromised what can not.
For some projects, if natural ground is acceptable then no need of concrete.
If one crawler crane can move the vessel then winches and foundations can be saved.

We are creative

We created lots of new applications of airbags in different fields that helped clients save time and cut off cost.
We lifted LPG tanks to replace their blocks with airbags. We roll caissons onto floating docks, move buildings even trees with airbags. All those applications are proved to be effective and invaluable.