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Eversafe Marine has proven track record of completed hundreds ship launching, docking projects with marine airbags. Based on group company, Qingdao Evergreen Maritime, the biggest manufacturer of ship launching airbags, we know airbags and blaze the trail of airbags new applications in different fields.

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Eversafe Marine believes in that innovation in science and technology is impetus for the company to develop. From marine airbag manufacture to applications in different fields, Eversafe Marine never stop his research and innovation progress.

Ship launching with airbags at the beginning can only handle with the small vessels with flat wide bottom. With the improvement of capacity and safety of marine airbags, people can launch or dry dock thousands tons vessel with airbags, Not only the tonnage limit disappeared , vessel type is not a problem, most civil vessels have been launched or hauled out with airbags, such as bug boats, catamarans, dredgers.

And ship launching with airbags becomes more flexible. Eversafe Marine developed the technology of ship launching atop ship carrier, which is inspired by jackets launching and treated as first try of ship launching from floating platform. The company completed 10+ projects of launching ship from floating platform.

Some pioneering projects completed by Eversafe Marine:

Launches 300 ft barge atop another 300 ft barge

Launched 50 m Utility Vessel for Unithai Offshore

Strategic Marine Vietnam shipyard launches two 70 m LNG Aluminium catamarans