Airbag Ship launching

Eversafe Marine Engineering company offer turnkey engineering service for customers’ vessels launching globally. We have proven track record of hundreds vessels launching with zero accident in the past ten years.

Ship launching with marine airbag is very flexible. By increasing airbag quantity or staggering airbags,  people can launch vessels with different length or width at the same slipway. This technique overcomes the disadvantages of traditional end-launching or side-launching methods and can save customers’ most time and budget.

Eversafe Marine Engineering offer one stop service for customers’ ship launching  projects, includes the design of launching procedure, providing all inclusive equipment , technical support and on site operation. After years of accumulation , we can launch vessels in below scope:

Vessels can be launched by Eversafe Marine

  • Vessels’ Lightweight below 15,000 Tonnes, include barges, cargo ships, oil tankers, Ro-Ro ships, DSV, etc. Those vessels should have vast flat bottom can be used for airbag supporting.
  • Vessel’s Lightweight below 8,000  tonnes, include AHTS, tugboats. Those vessels have limited flat bottom which can be supported by airbags.
  • Vessels’ Lightweight below 3,000 tonnes, include catamarans, Ro-Pax ferries. Those vessels have rather special structures or thin bottoms, may need to add temporary cradles for launching.

Information required for a launch service quotation

  • Vessel info

1.   Type of vessels?
2.   Parameters of vessel (LOA, Width, depth, draft ., etc)
3.   Vessels’ actual launched weights (gravity weight)/weight without cargo?
4.   Block coefficient of vessel

  • Keel block arrangement include dimensions of keel blocks, arrangement drawing
  • Water survey data of launch area
  • Tidal table of local sea or river
  • GA of shipyard
  • Available equipment list of shipyard
  • Expected launch date
  • Work location
  • Launching slipway or ramp info, include elevation and slope angle

Advantages of airbag ship launch solution

  • Less land form limitation , only need clean ground with enough bearing capacity and suitable angle
  • Minimum equipment needed, basically require only airbags, air compressors, winches and wire ropes.
  • Environment Protective, green technology, do no harm to the environment. All operation need no chemical.
  • Time & money saving, little construction needed, save time and money. Life span of marine airbags can be six years.

Limitation of airbag ship launching

  1. Generally not suit for side launching
  2. Flat bottom of vessel is good for airbag launching, V-shape vessel may need additional brackets for launching
  3. Launch area should have the length at least  1.5 times of vessel
  4. Need skilled workers and engineers

Airbag launching slipway

Generally slipway designed for airbag launching can be described as two parts: above water part and under water part. The vessel will be built on the above water part which has the small incline angle. And the under water part has bigger angle which can give launched vessel more slide forward force and make airbags can roll out of buttom of vessel. The distance,angle and structure of under water part are very important for the success of launching and also the safety of airbags.
If possible concrete slipway is the best. For temporary vessel launching, strong enough ground is acceptable.
The design of slipway need scientific calculation and computer simulation test. And good design slipway can suit most vessel’s’ launching.

Basic information needed for slipway design
1.   Type of vessels?
2.   LOA  and length of vessels’ scope
3.   Moulded breadth of vessels’ scope
4.   Vessels’ actual launched weights (gravity weight)/weight without cargo?
5.   Draft of stern and bow
6.  Water survey data of launch area
7.  Tidal table
8. GA of shipyard