What We Do

Eversafe Marine is the first professional air bag engineering company in the world, specializing in air bag launching, vessel hauling out, heavy lift and transportation.

Eversafe Marine is the only company whose design of airbag engineering get approval of LR and CCS both. Eversafe Marine has good track records of serving top famous clients around the world.

Turnkey Project service

Eversafe Marine provides turnkey project service for clients’ vessels, structure launching, docking and transportation. We have experienced teams and adequate equipment to undertake global projects. Every year Eversafe Marine complete 100+ vessels’ launching and 50+ vessels dry docking with 100% success record.

  • Ship launch and dry docking

We dealt with all kinds of vessel launching with airbags in the past 10 years, from simple barge launching with airbags, tugboat launching with airbags to complicated catamaran launching. We experienced all kinds of launching conditions: launching vessel with insufficient water level, bad launching slipway, launching in bad weather.etc. Some typical projects completed recently, please refer: http://eversafemarine.net/project/ship-launching-and-hauling-with-airbags/

  • Structure launch

We launch not only vessels , but also concrete structures, steel cofferdams., etc with marine airbags. The structure launch is quite different from vessel launching, needs to pay more attention to structure strength and stability. Structure launch often use temporary launch ramp, such as compacted natural ground, which has higher demands of the launching arrangement.

  • Heavy lifting

Marine airbags due to vast contact area with lifted objects, they are safer than hydraulic jacks for structure safety. And airbags have big diameter, the lift distance is much bigger than jacks. Some huge tanks, such as LPG,LNG tanks, having big weight but fragile bottom, using marine airbags to lift those tanks is very convenient and safe.

LPG tank lifting project: http://eversafemarine.net/project-detail/1600-tonnes-lpg-tank-lifting-project/

  • Caisson transfer/moving

We moved 100+ caissons with pneumatic rollers from construction site to submersible barge or floating docking. The biggest one weighs 6000 tonnes. With airbags no need trolleys, people can easily get caissons aboard.

  • Structure relocation

Eversafe Marine is the pioneer in this field. We undertook several fortifications, underground bunkers relocation jobs from the government every year. We moved thousands tonnes structures with airbags. Our solution is most economical and we move fast.

Relocate Fortification with marine airbags: http://eversafemarine.net/project-detail/relocate-blockhouses-in-tangshan-industrial-parks/

  • Underwater air lift

Marine airbags have big buoyancy when emerged in water, they are light but tough can lift sunken vessel or pipe underwater. We offered buoyancy airbag and technical support for customers’ projects.

Reference project: http://eversafemarine.net/project-detail/refloat-dragon-boat-with-salvage-airbags/

Project design and consultation

Eversafe Marine offers procedure design and launching calculation, facilities selection, site design and consultation service for clients’ projects. We use simulating software to check every step of the objects movement, find safety problems of projects ahead.

  • Ship launching/hauling slipway design
  • Ship launching procedure design
  • Ship launching/hauling calculation
  • Ship launching/hauling consultation

Providing all inclusive facilities

We supply all facilities of airbag ship launching, ship docking and heavy transportation on selling or rental conditions.

Available main equipment:

Winch 50 T,one set;  winch 25 T,two sets; winch 10 T, two sets

Marine airbags: D 1.5 M x L 18 M ,40 pieces;  D 2.0 M x L 15 M, 20 pieces; D 1.0 M x L 8 M,15 pieces

On site support/ operation

We have experienced engineers and operational teams can offer on site support for clients’ projects.

We have worked in six continents , 30+ countries with proven track record for various projects.

Free Training 

We provide free training of airbag repair, how to use airbags properly, airbag ship launching, beaching technique for clients staff.