Standard anchor pendant buoys

Wide range available sizes

Various vivid colors

Removable central steelwork


Evergreen Anchor Pendant Buoys are available in a wide range of sizes, can be supplied in suitcase, modular and non-modular type. Those buoys are equipped with removable central steelwork configured as per the customer’s requirements – can be typical handling crucifix/ padeye arrangement or a through hawse for use with anchor wire rather than chains.

Suitcase Anchor Pendant Buoys

The Suitcase Anchor Pendant Buoys are designed to withstand the rigorous conditions by employing resilient, closed cell polyethene foam taht makes buoys unsinakble even get damaged badly. The whole core is encapsulated within a self colored polyurethane elastmer protective coating which is resistant to abrasion and ultra violet degradation.


Anchor Pendant Buoys are constructed by laminating resilient PE foam around a central steel member with a number of internal load distribution plates, together with large gussets welded in position. This resilient PE core ensures the buoy is completely self fendering (i.e. soft buoy), The rectangular shape also allows easy and safe storage and transportation.

Regular colors are orange and yellow, other colors are available on request.

Specification and Performance