Launches 2nd DWT 17500 Oil Tanker of PT Pertamina


Papandayan is the name of one large composite volcano,  located in Garut Regency, to the southeast of the city of Bandung in West Java, Indonesia. MT Papandayan is the second DWT 17500 oil tanker built by PT Daya Radar Utama for PT Pertamina, which is an Indonesian state-owned oil and natural gas corporation.

MT. Papandayan with 6700 MT lightweight and 157-meter length, 28-meter width, 12-meter height was launched into Jawa sea on 25th July 2018 with 39 pieces Evergreen marine airbags which have 2 m diameter by 18 m long.

Same with the first DWT 17500 oil tanker, MT. Panderman, launching, Eversafe Marine Engineering CO.,LTD was invited to design and supervise the MT. Papandayan launching in in DRU Lamongan yard.


Eversafe Marine is a professional engineering company, provides cost-effective ship or structure launching and docking solutions for marine industries, can make flexible designs and undertake projects globally.

Due to time limitation the launch slipway designed for MT Papandayan can not be constructed completely according to plan. Eversafe Marine service engineers discussed with shipyard engineers to seek for feasible solutions to remedy current slipway shortcomings. At last both sides agreed a solution to extend current slipway, by placing jumbo sand bags underwater for 5 meters long.


The DWT 17500 oils tanker was moved forward for 30 m on 23rd July, two days before final launching date.On 24th July, 800 tons ballast water was added to three tanks on the vessel bow.

In the morning of 25th July, a launching ceremony was held to celebrate the final glory moment. Bureau Veritas Classification Indonesia, PT Pertamina representatives , Navy officers and shipyard managers attended the ceremony.

At 7 AM, the holding wire ropes was cut to release MT. Papandayan for launching. With assistance of tugboat and bulldozer, the huge oil tanker entered into water smoothly.


Launching ships with marine airbags has low demands on launch slipway, solid ,flat ramp with good angles is acceptable. Due to big tolerance , the slipway construction is most easy neglected factor sometimes. Anyway as people said, A beard well lathered is half shaved, the good prepared slipway always save energy and worries and ensure the success of projects.

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