Salvage airbags (buoyancy airbags)

Withstand use in harsh environments

Can lift from ground and underwater lifting

Buoyancy compensation for shallow water

Marine heavy lifting air bags

Low pressure high lifting capacity

Can roll with load on land or in water

0.4-3 m lifting distance

5-8 times safety factor

Ship launching airbags

Five times safety coefficient

ISO 14409 certificated

Maximum size D3.5 mX L30 m

Lifespan 5-8 years

$USD 2700/PC $USD 2,700/PC

Pneumatic fenders – Sling Type

With various color and light weight, easy to move and quick install

Can offer custom made size

Foam filled fenders -Netless Type

Low reaction force

Minimum maintenance

Long service life

No stain to ship hull

Standard anchor pendant buoys

Wide range available sizes

Various vivid colors

Removable central steelwork