Eversafe Marine is a professional engineering company, offering total solutions for customers’ launching, dry docking heavy lift projects using marine airbags. Eversafe Marine has proven track record of 100 percent success and safe of hundreds projects in the past ten years.

DONGSUNG ENER-TEC CO.,LTD is a South Korean company, offer heat treating and Non-Ferrous metal processing equipment. To cooperate with Eversafe Marine, DONGSUNG ENER set up a new engineering company to promote and market the launching, dry docking ,heavy lifting service in Korea.

Eversafe Marine completed one launching project in Pohang City in 2017 years. See details at : http://www.eversafe-marine.com/media_details.aspx?cid=1&id=149. In 2018 years, the company did the research of using marine airbags for large structure transport for SAMSUNG C&T,their projects. With a local agent, Eversafe Marine can offer a better service for Korean customers’ projects and do the better marketing for the airbag engineering service.