The cooperation of Eversafe Marine with Strategic Marine has a long history.

The launching of first floating dock built by Strategic Marine Vietnam shipyard ten years ago was designed and supervised by Eversafe Marine . The 44 launching airbags used in that launching were manufactured by group company, Evergreen Maritime.

In 2010 years, Eversafe Marine helped the launching of two 6800 tons (lightweight) DSV ,named CABALLO MAYA (IMO:9453341) and Caballo MARANGO (IMO: 9526382) in Strategic Marine Vietnam yard.

In 2018 years Eversafe Marine was invited by SMV to take a consultation work for three units passenger catamaran launching which are planned in November 2018.

Ordered by Terschellinger Groenvloot Maatschappij B.V., the new building aluminum Ropax catamarans, with single fuel propulsion are constructed in Strategic Marine yard in Vung Tau Vietnam.

On behalf of the shipowner, we are selling a DWT7000 oil tanker (refueling vessel). The tanker was built in 2018 in China and now is in service. It can carry oil products with a flash point not exceeding 60℃, including heavy oil, diesel and gasoline. The ship is CCS classed, ICE CLASS B, without heating […]

On behalf of the shipowner, we are selling one DWT6638 oil tanker – refueling vessel. Built in 2018 in China the tanker is in service now. It can carry oil products with a flash point not exceeding 60℃, including heavy oil, diesel and gasoline. The ship is CCS classed, ICE CLASS B, and equipped with […]

On the morning of January 16, 2024, at 8:30 AM, EVERSAFE MARINE successfully launched a 3000-ton deep-sea aquaculture cage in Rizhao City, Shandong Province, using airbag ship launching technology. The cage, named “Sea Granary One,” is a fully submersible deep-sea salmon farming cluster cage. It measures 89 meters in length, 45 meters in width, and […]

deep-sea aquaculture platform Ningde No.1

On November 9, Eversafe Marine launched Chinese largest aquaculture platform “Ningde No. 1” built by Fujian Nanfang Shipbuilding Co., Ltd with ship launching airbags. This large-scale deep-sea aquaculture platform is constructed by Ningde Jinao Industrial Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Ningde State-owned Assets Investment Co., Ltd. Specifically, CCCC Marine Construction and Development Co., Ltd. is […]

On February 20th 2022,one DWT 58000 piling ship named “ Yong Jian 3000” was successfully launched with 102 pieces Evergreen marine airbags in Jiangsu Taizhou China.It took one and a half minutes for the ship starts to move until floats in the sea, completed around 220 m travel distance. The ship’s launching weight reaches 25,000 […]

In middle of May 2021, Eversafe Marine engineering team launched one DWT 6800 tons cargo ship with 20 pieces marine airbags in Guangdong China.The ship named: zhong shun 277, measures by 11 m long, 23 m wide, is designed for grain transport. With the 1/50 concrete slope, the launch comes to be very smooth and […]

    Guinea is a hotbed of mining activity as aluminum firms from the U.S., China and Russia, try to carve out a piece of its massive bauxite-ore deposits used to produce alumina and aluminum. About seven billion metric tons, or a quarter of the world’s bauxite resources, are estimated to be in Guinea. The […]

CNTIC VPOWER is the joint business of of Hong Kong-listed VPower Group and China National Technical Import & Export Corporation. The venture company with nominal equity capacity, held as to 50% by each party, for the investment in, development and operation of three power projects in Myanmar with an aggregate contract capacity of 900MW. CNTIC […]

Project Summary Gwangnaru Rescue center is built near the Hanjiang River of Seoul city, South Korea . which is designed as a comprehensive center of lookout, rescue and warning functions. The building base measures by 28 m long ,17 m wide, 1.7 m height with estimated weight 500 tons. Superstructure on the base is the […]