Ten tips can remarkably increase safety factors of the launching projects is a summary of Eversafe Marine hundreds vessels’ launching experience. They can be used as a reference for safety checking too.

“Good preparation leads to success”- make proper preparation for a ship launching with marine airbags is vital for the success and safety of launching. Airbag damage or lost,vessel painting damage are most often happen incidents of ship launching with marine airbags. Those hidden dangers can be eliminated by good preparation works in fact.

Tips to enhance ship launching safety

  • Checking the rigging and winch system

After regular checking, do a puling test for the holding system will ensure the holding system safety.

  • Make slipway/ launch ramp safe

Airbag rolling need a relative flat and no obstacle ramp.
Before inserting airbags, clean slipway/ launch ramp thoroughly, remove stones, steel bars, anything that may damage airbags. in some cases, such as on a compacted gravel ramp, impossible to remove sharp stones, then cover ramp with rubber sheets or steel plates to make it safe for airbag rolling.

  • Grind and clean Vessel bottom

Any part of vessel bottom may contact airbags should be checked, grinding sharp welding spots, remove tough shells, ensure airbags will not be cut or punctured by sharp steels.

  • Check airbags pressure and air tightness

Check your airbags before using them. If there are small holes or slight air-leakage, fix the problems first. Refer to how to repir holes on airbags.
Tighten airbag end-fittings to avoid any air leakage.
Checking airbag pressure with the pressure gauge, not by knocking.
Use airbags within its rate pressure scope.

  • Make a survey stake pole

Make a survey stake pole at slipway end to measure the actual water level. Published tidal chart of local sea can tell you numbers but not be accurate always. The water level pole can tell you exact water level and right time for launching too.

  • Brake winch by both hydraulic and manual brakes

Hydraulic brake is not always reliable, double brake is reasonable.

  • Block launch area to avoid any collide accidents

You never want your new vessel run into an unexpected vessel entering into the area recklessly.

  • Lower airbag pressure

After vessel lifting, people should lower airbags’ pressure which can reduce the pressure slipway/ramp are withstanding.
Another benefit is lowering airbag pressures can lower the height of vessels’ gravity center and make vessel contact water earlier , increase launch safety.

  • Get vessel closer to water

In some cases, get the vessel launching position closer to water will enhance launch safety remarkably especially when vessel has to be launched at low water level.

  • Release vessel at high water level

High water level is in favor of launching safety and airbag safety. Check the water level from stake pole until it reaches required height then send ships into water.

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