Evergreen maritime focus on the research of using new material and technology to improve products’ safety and performance. Evergreen’s flagship product ,marine airbags also often called ship launching airbags are almost the strongest rubber airbags in the world. But if client want to use marine airbags to hold hundreds tonnes cement slurry and hoist them from one end , Can marine airbags be qualified for this job?

Evergreen Maritime was asked to provide rubber airbags with 45 m long ,1.2 m diameter for underground diaphragm wall construction for Metro. Marine airbags will be filled with cement slurry and hung by one end to put into the tunnel. This usage is quite different from ship launching or lifting by marine airbags, the force will concentrate on longitude direction of airbags instead of transverse.

The lead time of first two airbags is only one month. It means Evergreen have to complete the research ,design and production of new type marine airbags in 30 days. It looks like an impossible mission.

Evergreen product engineer designed a new structure mode and deployed three kinds of polymer fibers to enhance the tensile strength of marine airbags. The 6 m long sample airbags manufactured in lab succeeded in the test. But how to make 45 m long airbags is a big problem. Current equipment allow production of maximal 25 m long airbags and it is not possible to modify or order new equipment in such a short period.

Production engineers worked with experienced technicians creatively solved the equipment problem by rebuilding one old set of equipment. It took 10 days to complete the first two pieces 45 m long marine airbags, then those airbags were sent to China Railway Construction urgently. They will be used for Nanjing Metro construction project soon.

Evergreen Maritime is always the pioneer in providing best products and solutions for clients in maritime field.